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I Don't Really Want A Smoke

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It was really nice to see Sam again last week. I forgot how much I love the fucking misanthrope. We used to joke that he was House and I was Wilson, but these days you can really see that it was true. My life has changed me so that I CAN'T hate the world anymore. I love people and have hopes and ideals concerning the human race... But Sam? LOL, I missed him saying with the most disgust in his voice as could be mustered, "I hate you..." Makes me smile.

Well, yesterday was the Perrine Family Reunion. Always a fun time to sit around and talk with people you haven't seen for a year. Nice to know what they've been up to, all 80-something of them. Hah, but usually we spend the first five minutes of the conversation trying to figure out who we belong to and what the relation really is. Mary Cordelli was smart this year and bought name tags. LOL, I totally wore one that said my name and "Arlene's #1 Granddaughter." Which caused a brief, but amusing glare war with Janet. We finally gathered everyone and I read my poem for Aunt Lizzie aloud. After words we all had a toast using Beer Margarita's and the last of her vodka inside them. But... Even though Mary finally talked to me, and told me how much she loved the poem I wrote for her mother... I made her cry... I didn't want to do that, but apparently they were happy tears... I found myself depressed this morning when I woke up. Yesterday I was told time and time again to never stop writing, and that I had lots of talent... On the other hand I know I want to care for the elderly. This choice to become a nurse is final. I'll just have to find the time to continue writing on the side.

So that's what I am going to do today. I'm going to watch the first season of Dexter and knit. Then I will be working on some long forgotten writing projects. Some including fanfiction for Space Cases, xxxHolic, and even a new one for The Middleman. Maybe I might get around to writing a letter back to Devi-sama...

Sometimes you just have to take a day for yourself.
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On July 28th, 2008 01:04 am (UTC), bluelacedolly commented:
I'm glad the reunion was good times.

And yes, NEVER STOP WRITING. You can be a nurse AND a writer. You don't have to let one thing define you. Don't let that passion you had fade away. I believe in you Ruka!

^.^ Write me a letter!

I need to call thee soon. You will not believe the family dramorzz.
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