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Stories For A Rainy Day

Mud Puddles

Bunny Ward
16 August
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A bit about myself:
I am a Broome Community College Graduate and soon to be a Jacksonville University Graduate. Until December 2008 I will be bouncing from Florida back to NY for semesters and breaks. I'm working on my BA in English, but after that I plan to enroll to become an LPN so that I may hopefully do home care for the elderly. I read, I write, I continue to try and fail at not smoking, but the one thing I will never do is give up.

I make a great friend, feel free to message me about anything, but especially if you have some of the same interests. My other big goal is to start getting published in places other than campus magazines and The Pennysaver.

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Dear Fellow Pawns;
For the last decade, I have lived a lie that I can no longer go on with. I have started each of the last 3,762 days by convincing myself that McDonald's would bring back the Double ZestaBurger--if only for a limited time and at only select locations. It was the only way I could get myself out of bed and through the day. Alas, I can no longer lie to myself about my future. I now accept that it is bleak. I do not control my destiny, nor my happiness.
Like all of you, I am just a pawn in McDonald's global marketing plan. The same company that has returned the McRib 193 limited times in the last 10 years has never given my well-being a second thought.
Well, McDonalds--You win. You have killed the will, spirit, and soul of Michelle . Now my body will follow. Thankfully, I will be going to a better place. A place where my existence won't rely on decieving myself. A place where my happiness won't be controlled by a multi-national conglomeration of grill cooks in cheap suits. While my body will be buried in the same ground where Ray Kroc's is surely spinning; my soul will be with his in heaven. Not here in purgatory controlled by the whims of MBA's from Hamburger U. Together Ray and I will forever feast on that delicious ambrosia, the Double Zesta Burger.



P.S. All those gay pornos aren't mine. They're a friend's. And I was superimposed.

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